please watch in 1080p Joint enterprise is an area of law that has been in the spotlight over recent years and is something that appeals greatly to Jon Robins and the Justice Gap. In November I went to a conference weekend with campaign group Jengba (Joint Enterprise: Not Guilty by Association). Jengba is made up … Continue reading

How the magazine industry is having to adapt because of the growing power of digital media and changing audience habits.

The emergence of digital media has made it more difficult to make print journalism – both news and magazine – financially viable. Where some publications have made the move from print to online seamlessly, others have struggled to adapt to changing times. The Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) audit for the first half of 2014 … Continue reading

Media Ethics

Codes of conduct are important along side legislation because it is important for journalists to be trusted by audiences and maintain a good reputation. There are three main codes of conduct for journalists to follow: Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) – took over after the phone hacking scandal that proved the PCC to be ineffective. … Continue reading